How programmatic is enabling recruiters to make visible impacts on their company

Recently, Uncommon got together with Greenhouse and Susanna Frazier, Head of Strategic Sourcing, Talent Acquisition at Universal Music Group, to discuss how programmatic is shaping the future of recruiting.

Listen for expert tips on how to:
  • Increase your pipeline with interested and qualified applicants
  • Decrease your spend on advertising open positions
  • Reduce time wasted on reviewing unqualified candidates

Uncommon Announces the ‘Talent Forecaster’, The Industry’s First Predictive Analytics for Talent

Anyone who has ever undertaken the challenging and tedious task of writing a job description knows that it’s tempting to imagine the perfect candidate while drafting your posting:  a Rhodes scholar, with a Ph.D. in Artificial Intelligence, and 10 years of experience with Tensorflow.

Unfortunately, this “purple squirrel” likely does not exist (for one, Tensorflow was only released 2 years ago!), and asking for those qualifications — or any qualifications far beyond what is realistic — is a recipe for failure. In most cases, however, hiring managers only figure this out after the job is listed, as hiring managers and recruiters have no idea how common different qualifications are in the population of real job seekers,  and thus how useful it is to list them in a job description.

Including too many qualifications, or qualifications that are too strict,  will result in nobody applying for the listing. With too few or too broad requirements — you’ll have an influx of low-quality applicants, which you’ll then have to weed through to find the few potential matches.

But how do you know when your qualifications are too high or too low?

That’s where the Uncommon Talent Forecaster comes in. The Uncommon Talent Forecaster is the recruiting industry’s first tool that helps you optimize your qualifications so that you can find the right talent in the shortest amount of time.

The tool is easy to use, allowing users to select qualifications and automatically determine the exact number of qualified applicants in their region, all in real-time. For instance, if someone asks for something rare – a PhD in Data Science for example – the forecast drops way down into the red zone, indicating there are too few people meeting your asks to obtain a solid talent pool for that role.   

Ask for something commonplace – knowledge of Microsoft Powerpoint for example, and the forecast shows you that there are thousands of matches, meaning you’ll be flooded with applicants unless you raise the bar. Ask for something somewhat selective, like Bachelor’s in Computer Science, and you see that you’ll get a reasonable number of qualified candidates — creating a way to ‘Goldilocks’ your hiring. And if you’re curious to see who those people are that meet your qualifications, you can just click a button to see a few sample resumes of some real people.

Check out the Talent Forecaster in action:

Uncommon GIF (1)

How did we do it? It all starts with data. Uncommon has a database of over 50 million resumes from across all industries, roles, seniority levels, as well as different parts of the U.S. Our proprietary models consumed each of those resumes to understand each person’s skill set, including years of job experience, industry experience, seniority, education background, and hard and soft skills.

Almost magically, as you’re entering your job requirements, we scan through all of those resumes, to figure out how many of the people near you would actually be qualified according to those requirements, and to tell you whether you need to make your qualifications more or less restrictive. And we do it all in less than a second.

Uncommon’s founder Amir Ashkenazi and I are no strangers to predictive analytics. At our last company,, we developed the advertising industry’s first supply forecasting tool to show ad buyers available inventory in a given marketplace. Today, that type of forecasting has become commonplace, with most major ad platforms, including Google AdWords and Facebook Ad Manager, offering such tools.

Now we’re bringing that same ease of use to the recruiting space with the Talent Supply Forecaster.

Have you ever had trouble creating the perfect job description? Tell us what happened in the comments below.

Uncommon Gets a “Rousing Applause” on The Chad & Cheese Podcast

This week, our CEO, Teg Grenager, was put through the gauntlet by two of the industry’s greatest tire kickers, Joel Cheesman and Chad Sowash on their show, “The Chad & Cheese Podcast”.

Memorable quotes by the hosts include:

Man, this product is so in depth…You’re pulling in programmatic components, you’re pulling in sourcing components and automation. Your pricing model is very interesting…And I’m really excited to see where this goes in the next 12 months.” – Joel Cheesman

It’s different, it’s something they [recruiters] can understand and it’s something that they can measure, because you are giving them exactly interested and qualified [candidates]. You tell me what qualified looks like, we’re going to give you exactly what that looks like…So from my standpoint, its definitely a big applause as well.” – Chad Sowash

Listen here:


Celebrating Our Launch in Vegas!

It’s hard to believe that we were in Las Vegas just a week ago, celebrating our launch at SourceCon 2018. It was instantly clear as to why this event has so many devotees that return year after year to soak up the innovations, wisdom and excitement from our industry.

Our team brought back countless amounts of new insights thanks to the sessions, keynotes and of course, the folks that stopped to chat at our booth about sourcing methods, pain points and what recruiters are wanting from their tech in 2018.

Thanks to ERE Media for putting on such a productive, valuable and lively three days! We welcomed a ton of new friends into the Uncommon community, and we’re excited to continue learning from all the thought leaders and sourcing wizards that we connected with.

Here are a few photo booth pics from the SourceCon kick-off party that we had the pleasure of hosting on the first night:

Follow us on Twitter to see more friendly faces throughout the next week!

Uncommon is coming to SourceCon 2018!

We’ve been counting down to this year’s SourceCon in Vegas, and our excitement has only grown after hearing how much of a blast it is to be at a conference with the most extroverted, people-loving humans out there- recruiters!

We will be celebrating our launch from the very first night as the hosts of SourceCon’s kick-off party- complete with drinks, photo booth, and a chance to win casino chips to really start off your week in Vegas right.

Our CEO, Teg Grenager, and Business Developer, Ryan Erving, will be moderating at both of the Tuesday roundtables on the topic of artificial intelligence in recruiting. Key takeaways will include eliminating bias in hiring and how AI will not replace, but rather augment the work of recruiters.

Stop by our booth, #410/412, to test your Recruiter IQ and win casino chips, and of course to learn more about how Uncommon can fill your hiring pipeline with interested & qualified candidates.

See you in Vegas! Launches Recruiting Industry’s First Qualification-Based Talent Marketplace

Founded by entrepreneurial pioneers of data and automation with over $1B in exits, comes out of beta with $18M in funding, and is already trusted to help find talent for Gap, Aflac, and Lyft

PALO ALTO, Calif. (Feb. 15, 2018) – Today, announces Uncommon IQ, the industry’s first qualification-based talent marketplace that connects job seekers, employers, and job sites in a fully-automated, transparent and objective way.

Using a proprietary AI algorithm to analyze career paths, experience, skill level and job interest, Uncommon IQ gives recruiters on-demand access to applicants that meet or exceed every job requirement and are ready to be interviewed, eliminating the costly and manual inefficiencies of traditional sourcing.

Check out a video of how easy it is to use Uncommon IQ here.

Uncommon IQ also puts job seekers on the fast track to employment by allowing them to apply with confidence for jobs for which they know they are qualified. candidates are 12 times more likely to be invited to an interview as they appear in a short list of pre-qualified candidates. For job sites who service both job seekers and employers, this enables them to provide a better experience and maximize revenue.

For decades, the recruiting industry has been operating in the dark with no easy or effective way of connecting the right candidates to the right job positions. With the growth in online job boards and marketing sites, job seekers can easily apply to dozens of positions with a single click, but rarely hear anything back about their application. Employers blindly pay the outdated Cost Per Click (CPC) fee for every submission, then spend hours screening hundreds of resumes only to find a few that are actually qualified and interested in the job position.

“When I was hiring for my previous companies, I was stunned at how finding talent was based on a ‘needle in a haystack’ approach,” said Teg Grenager, CEO of “Now, we’re creating what I wish I had then: a simple and effective way to connect with only qualified applicants who are ready to be interviewed, allowing recruiters to spend less time sourcing and more time hiring great talent.”

Using AI technology trained on over 50 million career paths, Uncommon IQ analyzes applicant resumes for hard skills, like expertise in data science or kinesiology, by looking for factors like degrees attained or years in a role; soft skills, like creativity and entrepreneurship, are found by extrapolating skills necessary for success in past jobs.

With Uncommon IQ’s first-of-its-kind Cost Per Interested & Qualified (CPIQ) pricing model, customers are only charged when a fully qualified candidate applies for a specified open position, and can even challenge irrelevant resumes for an immediate refund.

“My recruiting efforts typically consisted of posting positions on various job sites and then sifting through hundreds of applicants — with most of them being unqualified,” said beta customer Galia Schwarz, VP Business Development at Resonai. “With, I am able to post my position in one place and know that they will take care of all the sourcing and screening for me. It’s centralized and easy to use!”

“Uncommon’s technology is unleashing a much-needed transformation in the job market.” explained Amir Ashkenazi, Founder, President and Chairman of “The job market has not changed much since the classified ads era — basically a black box for those on both sides of the hiring equation. At, we’re using best-in-class technology to fix the unfair, broken recruiting system and empower job seekers to find meaningful opportunities suited to their skill sets, while helping employers level the playing field for applicants and find the best talent. It’s a win-win.”

The company is also announcing $18 million in Series A funding from Canaan Partners, Spark Capital and Zeev Ventures. “Today’s recruitment system is broken—the process is slow and rife with bias and it’s stagnating growth for companies of all sizes, across industries,” said Santo Politi from Spark Capital. “That’s why I’m excited about what the team at has created: a guaranteed solution for finding qualified talent on demand. They have created a system that will soon become the status quo and will disrupt the $428 billion global staffing industry.”

“I’ve known Amir for almost 20 years, since our days at and I worked with both Amir and Teg on their prior startup Together, we all experienced directly just how awful the recruiting experience can be,” said Dan Ciporin, General Partner at Canaan. “I am thrilled to back Amir and Teg again with Uncommon, as they transform recruiting with a solution that finally gives companies only the candidates they want and gives job-seekers exactly the role they are looking for – at a company that wants to hire them.” is led by Amir Ashkenazi and Teg Grenager, veteran entrepreneurs with extensive experience creating market-ready B2B products that eliminate marketplace inefficiencies. The team previously worked together to start programmatic video advertising startup, acquired by AOL for $405 million, the company’s largest acquisition at the time. Ashkenazi also founded, which was acquired by eBay for $634 million.

About is on a mission to deliver life-changing opportunities by removing obstacles that stifle employment prospects, to help people and businesses grow. Founded in 2016 by Amir Ashkenazi, a serial entrepreneur with a combined $1B+ in exits, Uncommon IQ is the industry’s first qualification-based marketplace. Using a proprietary AI algorithm to analyze career paths, experience, skill level and job interest, gives employers on-demand access to applicants that exceed every job requirement and ready to be interviewed.

Meet Team Uncommon!


Just as important as it is for us to know who you are and how you approach your hiring, we thought you might want to know about ours. The Uncommon team was built out of curiosity and collaboration. We laugh as hard as we work, and we take ownership of both our success and yours. We’re so excited to show you what we’ve been working on! Stay tuned…